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Factory Grils Stormont

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from MLA Maeve McLaughlin, long-time worker for the completion & delivery of Louise Walsh’s sculpture.
She called on the lead organisations- Department for Social Development & Derry City Council to move on the completion & advancement of the revised plans for the Harbour Square site. ‘Ms. McLaughlin made the call after a planning meeting at Stormont found no concerns with the application. (Derry Journal Tuesday 16th July)

A delegation travelled to Stormont last month with Foyle MLA Maeve McLaughlin who has steadfastly supported the project. She too called on the minister to break the logam by resolving issues primarily around funding & planning.

We’re getting there!….

Claire and Isabel on Radio Foyle

On Thursday 2nd May 2013 Claire Moore and Isabel Doherty were on the Mark Patterson show.

They reminisced about their time in the shirt factories and talked about how important it is for them to have their work, and that of all the women before them, acknowledged and commemorated.

They plugged this website – WELL DONE girls!

They mentioned that they and other ex-factory girls will be marching on the Derry Trade Union Council Mayday march on:

Saturday 4th May 2013

Leaving Guildhall Square at 2:30

They will be behind the Factory Girls banner.

You can hear the radio programme on the BBC Website you need to scroll through,  to 1 hour 6 minutes and 30 seconds, to get the start of the item.

The BBC will have that available till next Thursday.

After that you can play it here:





Image for the May Day March Banner, promoting the petition.

May Day, May Day

We will be marching on the Derry Trades Union Council May Day march on Saturday.

We will have with us a banner with the image on this page.  Our aim is to raise the issue of our missing shirt factory worker’s sculpture and publicising this website and our petition.

If you see us, give us a wave, join in, come over and  introduce yourself.  Do whatever will help us get the word out.  See you up-the-town on Saturday.


[People dealing with trauma work with Ireland Somatic Experiencing (ISE).]